Minecraft scene creator

Minecraft scene creator

Do you like to create an interesting animated picture on your own? By playing Minecraft scene creator, everything is possible! Don’t waste your precious time, guys? Just play it and show us what you’ve got!

Look at the bottom of the screen! There are lots of fantastic moving images, such as the movements of Steve, enemies, trees, etc. What do you have to do? The players’ primary task is to pick suitable images and drag them to a large background. However, it’s a must to think about a cool story before setting up a scene. For instance, it’s fun if you design a battle between Steve and Minecraft monsters, in this case, just choose Steve and creepers’ images. And, you can present Steve’s adventure by placing other appropriate pictures on the background. Of course, in the end, everything is up to players’ creativeness and imagination.

Let Minecraft scene creator stimulate the talent inside you. Do you best to make the coolest picture here!

How to play

To play this creative game, please use the mouse.


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