Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower DefenseA huge battle, tons of Minecraft creatures, powerful turrets, and other terrific things, all are in Minecraft Tower Defense. Don’t miss a very cool and interesting tower defense game, all Minecraft fans! Tap Start button and act now! The major job is to protect Steve’s house from the creatures’ attack. To do well, players should form up a large number of turrets or traps on the road. Therefore, be quick to dig a straight road. Then open an Inventory and pick up some weapons. Keep in mind the players need to have a large number of blocks to perform well. The more the creatures are killed, the more blocks will be supplemented. Besides, please upgrade some Specials for the turrets to enhance the fighting faculty and wipe the creatures out successfully. Time to demonstrate and hope you succeed! Good luck, guys!

How to play

Tap the left mouse to play Minecraft Tower Defense.

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