Minecraft Zumbi Blocks 3D

Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3DContinue fighting against dangerous zombies in Minecraft Zumbi Blocks 3D! Are you bold and willing to accept this task? It’s a great chance to show up your terrific ability in shooting, guys. Don’t hesitate anymore! Go with us now! At this time, players will become Steve’s supporter and help him knock all the zombies in the city out. Take the big gun and instruct him to move around to search for the zombies. Be extremely careful when observing around because the zombies are crowded and they are everywhere in the city. If seeing them, be prompt to use the gun and shoot towards them exactly. The most significant thing is not to let anyone touch Steve and assail him. Otherwise, his health will decrease remarkably, and then he will die. So, carefulness is the biggest request if the players want to win this game. Additionally, don’t miss purchasing some necessary items to oppose against the zombies well. Wish you succeed! Move: WASD.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.


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