Want to build a house by yourself? Have a look on MineFlash right away, my friends! It is a cool constructing game in which you can express your ability in creating and imagining. Let’s play!

Instead of offering available items, the game provides lots of vital raw materials for the players. To construct a shelter, you need about 40 planks in total. Now, can you see that giant tree over there? Use a pickaxe to collect wood in order to craft planks. After prepared enough resources, tap Build button to let a Minecraft man perform automatically. If you want to upgrade the house, you must fulfill several requests by gaining enough 30 stones, 6 irons, and 1 sword. Visit the Shop to purchase rare items and other necessary stuff. Keep playing and continue upgrading your house to make it marvelous and amazing.

Alright, access to MineFlash to start constructing the greatest house! Time to carry out!
Have fun!

How to play

Do everything with the mouse.

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