Get selves wallowed into MineIT so as to help a poor Minecraft man, all game addicts! What happened? Hit “Start” button to find the inner reason now!

During the journey of transporting precious materials from a dark cave to storage, his delivering cart was broken. At present, he may not continue with this job. Dear all, you need to set foot there to lend him a hand! In order to move such the materials, just use the arrow keys on the keyboard to rotate the cave, and then let these resources run to outside smoothly. Nevertheless, gamers should cleverly avoid colliding with various types of chinks & gaps in this small cave. If not, the materials shall be stuck in those positions forever! Don’t forget to pick all of the blue points on the path for boosting the XP points, which play a huge role in proceeding to the next stages.

Remember that there are several dangerous areas, which may even damage your achievements; thus, be cautious and careful while moving. Ok, get ready to achieve the best result in MineIT ! Here we go!

How to play

The arrow keys are used to move.
The spacebar is tapped to visit the storage.


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