Any member of Minecraft community is surely familiar with a sort of idle-click version, right? And MineQuest is one of the stunning gifts we want to offer you all today! Hurry to join in the playfield right now!

It’s easy to seize what to do in the game as its name says all. The chief task here is to mine coins and gems from the given materials as many as possible to increase the fund. What to explore? They include trash, butter, wax, candle, candy, dirt, etc. Right after gathering sufficient needful gems, players are advised to perform the process of crafting. Try to craft a new pickaxe so that the duty will be quickly and efficiently fulfilled. Please run your eyes over Idle and Active Level to grasp the current situation! Also, make deals on essential upgrades to hone your skills.

Demonstrate your mining ability via this incredible game – MineQuest!

How to play

To activate the game, the mouse is the only tool.


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