Miner Jump

Miner Jump

Hey, players! A miner of Miner Jump is calling for your great support as he was stuck in a dark and terrifying cave for a long period. He wants to get out of the place as soon as possible! Get ready to lend the poor man a hand? Okay, let’s go!

After landing on the playfield, it is easy to recognize that our Moon miner was trapped between barrows. Hence, please help him to dodge these unpleasant barrows, jump over the floor as quickly as possible, along with recording the highest score. How to get the best scores? It depends on your cleverness and leadership. Move the protagonist left and right through tilting the device left and right. Wow, there are also many worlds to explore in the game. So, it looks like that you enter the maze of Mine. Along the way, be wary of all the aggressive hostiles to keep him alive!

Beatified by imposing graphics, easy-to-play content and charming traits, Miner Jump is truly our gift to all Minecraft fans!

How to play

Make gorgeous jumps by the spacebar key or the mouse.


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