MiniCraft HTML5

MiniCraft HTML5

Have you ever played Mine Blocks on 3D format? If not, let MiniCraft HTML5 satisfy your desire! The game, in fact, is considered the mini version of Mine Blocks where players are asked to a lot of identical activities! Come on!

Hey, let’s get started the game with the first job: That is to cut down trees to store needful resources, ranging from apple, wood, acorn, glove, to workbench, and so on. Mine rocks, remember! After opening the Inventory, you must consider crafting a few breathtaking weapons and tools with the support of the gathered items. Use those weapons to defeat hordes of zombies that often come out at night. Further, don’t forget to kill the air wizard and get all the glory! Why don’t you build a shelter to help the main character live and avoid all the dangers?

Get yourself inspired and stimulated with MiniCraft HTML5! Good luck!

How to play

The arrow keys: Maneuver the protagonist.
The C key: Launch attacks.
The X key: Open the Inventory.


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