Look for something cool and fascinating? Why don’t you participate in Minicraft , all fellows! It’s a great chance to fight against a bunch of dangerous creepers – your endless enemy. Begin now!

Right after stepped foot to this Minecraft land, the players need to knock out all the devil creatures before carrying out other missions. You’re given a couple of arrows, so take advantage and fire them towards the enemies to create an explosion. Once there’s no creature left in this world, players can freely do whatever they want; for instance, if they like constructing a structure, go around the place and mine some blocks for collecting materials. Then, place them on the surface to start off the building process. Perform everything in a perfect way to turn your project into something incredible.

You got the point? Now, jump into Minicraft and show off your ability to us! Hope you have good times!

How to play

Move: WASD/arrow keys.
Attack: F.
Create new world: F1.
Restore the blocks: the mouse.
Place, remove, craft, and select the blocks: spacebar, R, C, and Q/E.


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