Hey, Minecraft buddies! Take time to travel to Miocraft – a new place in Minecraft world – to discover massive things there. For people who want to show their creating ability, don’t be hesitant!

Once you set foot on this land, you’ll be immersed and obsessed by all lively and amazing landscapes. However, don’t spend much time enjoying the beauty as we have lots of things to do. The major objective of this game is to change the existing world into something spectacular and wonderful. Have enough ability to perform this tough mission? Let’s move around and use a pickaxe to mine some vital blocks. Then, find an ideal spot to set up your project. Don’t forget to switch your current tool into a spatula and continue carrying out the job.

Let Miocraft lend you a helpful hand in creating the marvelous world! Now, enjoy the joyful moments there!

How to play

Move: WASD/arrow keys.
Deal with the blocks: the mouse.
Jump: spacebar.
Switch tools: R key.


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