Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Nothing is more exciting than letting yourself dip into Monkey Go Happy Dragon – a puzzle game – where your ingenuity has room to manifest itself. Why are you still hesitant? Start with many challenging queries and show off your intelligence at once!

Well, there are many stages for players to beat after they set foot to the cool playfield. The main target is to give out the best solution so that a little monkey can smile. Occasionally, you are also advised to use a few needful skills (i.e. observing or shooting) to keep such the suggested puzzles under control. Click on many different objects on the game map to find out which right clues may help you see the final answer. Further, it is noticeable that the next stage is only unlocked if the current one is successfully solved.

So, are you ready to unearth every challenge of Monkey Go Happy Dragon? Good luck!

How to play

The game is simply played by utilizing the left mouse.


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