Monster Frontier

Monster Frontier

Feel bored because there is nothing today! Let us blow your mind by an awesome fighting action game, namely Monster Frontier! Get ready to show off your brilliant solutions to the game puzzles? Let’s play!

1000 years ago, after resoundingly conquering the Great War, humans had successfully managed a robust troop of monsters. Along with the support of the Beast, The Earthy trainers are now aiming to win another planet. Favorably, you’re chosen as one of these talented trainers! Opting for one best-loved character (Claude or Claudia) is your first job. Next, enter the playground to aid your unit in heightening their fighting skills and abilities. When everything is done, it’s your mission to lead the monsters to the battlefield so that they will defeat the hostiles. Remember to get much money and fulfill every stage excellently. Finally, make deals on equipment and other powerful materials in order that the army’s agility, endurance, and dexterity are also upgraded.

The final result of the combat in Monster Frontieris just based on your cleverness, leadership, and strategies!

How to play

The game is only controlled by the left mouse.


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