Mustache Attack

Mustache Attack

In Mustache Attack, the devil and his hateful army have a moustache. And you role-play an innocent man whose family has been abducted by the devil. Let the devil know that you are excellent and tactical enough to defeat them all and rescue your family. Come on!

Your family members are now being imprisoned in a dark dungeon. And the most vital mission is to find out and bring them back home in the soonest time before it’s too late. There are loads of obstacles you should overcome clearly and perfectly, like unlocking the advanced weapons, knocking out all the enemies, and killing the ugly Boss. Along the way, it is better to dodge their fierce counter-attacks, or you are defeated to death for sure.

Hey, you wife and kids are really in need of your assistance; thus, partake in Mustache Attack to save them a hand right now!

How to play

Step by the WASD or arrow keys.
Aim and shoot by the only left-click.


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