My Blocks

My Blocks

What can be more exciting that sit comfortably in the room and play My Blocks? This creative game is a great occasion to express your skills. Do you want to create your own structures and place them in Minecraft world? Let’s go!

This game offers great 3D graphics that can help the players generate various types of 3D buildings. Have any idea for the construction? Draw all out and turn them into a logical plan before starting the building process. Be creative to make some wonderful structures! Firstly, avail a pickaxe to mine materials. How? Simply break blocks on the ground. Don’t mind cutting trees if you love designing a wooden house. After gathering the resources, find a free space to set up your own world. Construct whatever you want, such as a nice garden, a huge tower, etc. Finally, decorate the land with some items.

Can you generate fantastic structures for your Minecraft world? Enjoy My Blocks now!

How to play

Move: WASD keys.
Build structures: the mouse.
Switch tools: R.


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