NanocraftHi gamers! How long did not you play Minecraft games? Play Nanocraft to build your own world right now. This world is very amazing since it allows you to perform your creativeness without any limitation. It is great, right? What are you waiting for? Grasp your pickaxe and start the duty, guys! Destroy the blocks to collect raw resources such as wood, coal, ore, gold, diamond, silver, steel, iron, and so on. Place them in a flat area to build the basement. Now you are free to construct anything you want, a house, a castle, a palace, etc. Do not forget to plant trees and flowers to make the scene more attractive. Are you ready? Let’s go!


ASDW keys or arrow keys are for movement.
Space bar is to jump.
Use E key for inventory.
R key is to change the tools.
The mouse is to remove and lay the blocks down.


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