Paper Minecraft v11.3

Paper Minecraft v11.3

What to expect from Paper Minecraft v11.3? Inspire yourself now as it is the innovation of Paper Minecraft! So, a lot of new and fascinating traits are surely included here! Come on and let us see how competent you are!

The in-game tasks are similar to what are mentioned in its first chapter. In detail, you must set up whatever you’ve imagined in mind as well as try best to survive at night when a swarm of monsters come out. To stay alive, nothing is more important than building a shelter, right? Besides, the game also requires its joiners to do other bonus tasks, such as maneuvering Steve around to mine and earn raw materials, helping him craft items and tools, learning the recipe by opening the Inventory, etc.

Why are you still hesitant to jump into Paper Minecraft v11.3? Good luck!

How to play

Choose items and mine/place blocks by 1 to 9 keys.
Walk/Swim/Jump by the SDWA keys.
Open/Close Inventory by the E key.
Open/Close a chest, craft table, furnace/door by the E key plus hover.
Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging by the Spacebar key.
Label a sign/chest by the N key.
Eat food by the F key.
Drop item by Q the key.

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