Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3

If you are thirsty for valuable items, Pinata Hunter 3 is a right place to settle. It’s time to become a great hunter who gets yourself prepared for the in-game discovery, all players! Wonder what to expect from this journey? Come on!

Have you ever heard Piñata? It is actually a traditional festival of Latin America that steals the heart of many joiners here! What you must to is to damage this item by using the given weapon. After that, quickly gather candies and presents while the fund will increase right after every constant hit. When accumulating the big fund, you should consider visiting the shop to make deals on any other robust weapons, such as swords, blades, knives, hammers, bats, and more. Sound very interesting, right?

Wow, are you ready for this festival? Get Pinata Hunter 3 started and have a fun moment!

How to play

The game is managed by using the left mouse.


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