Pixel Box

Pixel Box

How can you build a wonderful structure on a large frame? Hurry to visit Pixel Box and check your abilities now, guys! There are many things that can help you create your own building in this world. Time to act!

Now, look at the bottom! There are 15 different blocks that you can use freely for your work. Don’t mind choosing some special and unique blocks that you like. What do you want to construct? Let’s start with a simple one – a house! Try to do a giant house with many rooms, guys. To create floors for the shelter, simply use ladders to connect each floor. Then, be clever to put pretty stuff inside for decorating. After that, build a garage and a garden next to the house. What about a nice fence? It can protect your structures! Last but not least, plant grass, trees, and flowers along the path to emphasize your gorgeous house.

Spend a bit of time making the shelter incredible in your way! Hope you have fun moments with Pixel Box!

How to play

Build the house with the mouse only.


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