Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

After the Stone Age, mankind did enter the next chapter in history: The Bronze Age. In this episode of the Pre-Civilization series, players must control their folk, find resources, research for any new technologies, and dominate the region. Have much fun with Pre-Civilization Bronze Age – the strategy game!

You are a leader of the region, remember! Hence, please assign your population to do several tasks, like defending, fishing, farming, sheep herding, mining, and researching. Of course, the process of sheep herding, farming, and fishing does help to feed and grow your folks. Meanwhile, also command them to research for new technologies with the aim of seeking new buildings & getting bonuses. Rest assured that you summon enough warriors to protect your land.

Play Pre-Civilization Bronze Age strategically if you want to survive as long as possible! Try best!

How to play

Interact with the game: The left mouse.


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