Puzzle Tower

Puzzle Tower

If you are fans of puzzle, then it seems a pity to skip Puzzle Tower. Keep yourself careful and focused since the game comes with lots of challenging levels! Here we come!

The objective is to assist a warrior in saving his buddies who were imprisoned in a scary castle many days ago. He has to avoid all the deadly obstructions and spike traps along the way successfully. Of course, gathering golden stars and keys dotted anywhere is a nice idea to reach the next levels. If the warrior rescues his fellows successfully, they’ll then become his companions automatically. At that time, the in-game tasks may become more intimidating because you have to take control of more than one character. But, be confident and careful!

Puzzle Tower is worth a try! Good luck to you all and have a happy time!

How to play

The game is maneuvered by the WASD or Arrow keys.


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