Accompany us to Raze right now! Aliens from other unknown planets are moving and aiming to conquer the Earth. Please never let such invaders’ intention come true! At the moment, they’re sneaking into the human military facility; thus, it’s a must to battle against them right now! Try best!

Your major task here is to guide the best soldier equipped with a powerful gun and armor around the facility to detect and slaughter all alien units. Shortly speaking, help him get through all tough areas and use the given weapon to prevent the invaders from attacking the Earth. Other more advanced weapons are also scattered on the floor to pick up so that his fighting power will be honed.

Get Raze started and become the world’s hero, dear players!

How to play

Walk around by using the arrow/ASDW keys.
Jump by the spacebar key.
Aim and shoot by the mouse.
Change weapons by the Shift key.


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