Road Of Fury 2

Road Of Fury 2

Get behind the wheels, and players are asked to escape from a nuclear contaminated blizzard throughout Road Of Fury 2. Get ready to encounter an exciting but thrilling car race? Today, you should role-play Cole, a man who is good at aiming and shooting. Go now!

Like what did happen in the first chapter of the frantic action game, hordes of heavily armed violent madmen try to slaughter Cole. Don’t worry! Equipped with a spray and a machine gun on the roof of the car, he is ideally armed to blast his way through the rivals. As his supporter, you must drive the car as far as possible while killing a high amount of attackers to receive bonuses and cash for new upgrades and weapons. Yes, the main target here is to reach the end of the track alive. Try best!

Feel engrossed with the interesting content of Road Of Fury 2? Wish you luck and success!

How to play

The left mouse: Aim and shoot.
The 123 keys: Activate the devices.


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