Rock Vs Zombies

Rock Vs Zombies

Rock Vs Zombies just tells about a Minecraft guys’ house that may be destructed soon if he does not get any support from others. Dear all Minecraft fans, are you ready to help him defend his shelter and beat up the hostiles? Let’s go!

Within the 3D game, players are permitted to truly feel sinking into a poor village where the undead break out. Horribly, they attack everyone and ruin everything in seconds. It’s time to take action, dear players! The main job here is to cleverly control the big rock everywhere with the aim of finding and squashing zombies. Other obstructions are also available to stop the rock’s movement, i.e. trees, windmills, fences, planks, and others. Keep self skillful and flexible in any condition.

The man and all dwellers in the village are calling for your support. Don’t refuse to fulfill the task in Rock Vs Zombies, guys. Come on!

How to play

The left, right, down, and up arrow keys are applied to play the game.


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