Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2

The award-winning series of Rogue Soul comes back with its cooler innovation, called Rogue Soul 2! There are a lot of activities to perform, such as running through levels, jumping and sliding to avoid obstacles, slashing all the opponents, stealing their loot, etc. Just get confident of proving that you are the best thief! Let’s go!

The main character is calling for your assistance in running, jumping, sliding, killing, and doing everything so that he’s nicely able to get through the difficult territories and gain what he is deserved to have. Besides, it is also important to inform him of making deals on other efficient upgrades from the Shop. With the good equipment, he can find it confident to deal with any upcoming dilemmas. A wide variety of skin options given by the game also makes it more outstanding and stunning than ever.

Good luck and wish you fun with Rogue Soul 2!

How to play

Go anywhere with the arrow keys.
Slide with the Z key.
Throw with the X key.
Pause the game with the P or Esc key.


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