Royal Protectors

Royal Protectors

It is important to know that the village in Royal Protectors is under siege of a swarm of invaders. And you are only the one who can bring peace back to the region! Since the residents here are calling for your help, don’t hesitate anymore!

The game is on the list of TD types. So, the best way to protect the village is to set up a strong system of warrior units in the battleground. To do that, you must find ways to place the given units in logical slots so that all of the opponents will be quite slain right after they reach the entrance. Their death will reward you with coins. It is better to spend the collected coins on buying new units and upgrading the deployment! Try best to have the task ideally completed!

Royal Protectors becomes the best choice for those who want to experience a feeling of becoming an excellent leader! Come with us and have a great moment!

How to play

Only the left mouse is used to do everything in the game.


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