Rumble in the Soup

Rumble in the Soup

Without any hesitation, don’t mind getting yourself immersed into the action-shooter game, called Rumble in the Soup now! If you believe that your skills and abilities are excellent enough to conquer the game, prove this by entering the playfield here!

Today, it is important to be in charge of Rambo Duckling who is prepared with the more advanced weapons to mob up loads of opponents. See! They menace your protagonist by locking his purple buddy. Thus, it is better to give him a hand now. Simply swim through the bowl and take down all of the attackers to death by using your gun or grenades. Along the violent fights, try best to be counter-attacked and gather as many coins as possible to purchase other superb upgrades.

The main character is calling for your help! Have a good time with Rumble in the Soup!

How to play

Explode a grenade with the left mouse.
Collect coins with the right mouse.
Open the store with the Spacebar key.


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