Run 3

Run 3What could be more terrific when running in the galaxy with a special creature! Have you ever done this action before? Don’t waste time anymore! Have an access to Run 3 right away! With 2 special game modes as Explore and Infinite, pick up one and begin to run, guys. Use prescribed buttons on the keyboard to take control of the creature. Move left or right and jump over deep gaps cleverly and carefully to avoid falling into the galaxy. If it truly happens, the creature has to start again. Hence, attempt their best to stop this bad case, okay? Additionally, don’t miss fulfilling some requests in the Shop to prove their running skill. The best way to win this game is to focus on the screen cautiously and avail the buttons well to attain the final success. Believe in your own ability? Go and take action now!

How to play

The arrow keys are to control this game.


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