Run Ninja Run 2

Run Ninja Run 2Want to express your running and fighting skill? Don’t hesitate to jump into Run Ninja Run 2 immediately! Are you curious to know the mission there? Go with us!

Everything there happened when a brilliant ninja unintentionally killed one member of the masked men’s organization. They decided to destroy that ninja to take revenge for their friend. Now, they’re chasing the Ninja. You need to help him, or he’ll be in danger. What you need to do there? Please guide him to move forwards with the fastest speed to keep a safe distance with those masked men. Lead him to jump over or slide under the obstructions well. Don’t cause any silly mistake, or the hostiles can catch the Ninja right away. Players can grab a sword to kill them whenever they appear from a distance. Don’t forget to collect all the scattered coins. Then, use them to upgrade the Ninja’s abilities.

How do you feel now? Excited and amused, right? Hurry up to land on Run Ninja Run 2 and take action!

How to play

Press up/down arrow key to jump/slide.
Hit spacebar to attack.


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