Running Fred Lite

Running Fred Lite

Fred of Running Fred Lite feels very scared as he has just got lost in a large and scary dungeon. Please become his helper and present your potential running skill instantly!

The ultimate mission is to support Fred in escaping from this dungeon before a big monster is able to catch him up. On the way, he also encounters many tough obstacles, ranging from walls, sharp blades, to spike traps, deep holes, and so on. Simply get assured that you try best to show your strategic skill in guiding Fred to jump over, dodge over, and others so that his life is safely protected. Unluckily, if he has trouble, then the game comes to an end immediately. That’s why you should stay focused on the screen to help Fred achieve as long distance as possible, remember!

Feel self-assured to do? Land on Running Fred Lite and set the game in motion! Good luck to you!

How to play

The left and right arrow keys: Walk left and right.
The spacebar key: Jump over.


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