Sentry Knight 2

Sentry Knight 2

The Knight came back, and he is today stronger and more powerful than ever. You can have a chance to meet him again through Sentry Knight 2! Packed with more eye-catching graphics, the new season has just brought game lovers the addictive experience. Get ready? Let’s go!

As a one-day knight, you are required to protect your tower by hook or by crook since it is now under siege of the enemy onslaught. Don’t run away! Simply stay firm in the tower and beat up them all. How? With the given bow, try to aim and shoot at these hateful hostiles before they kill you. Also, don’t forget to cast spells by the keys 1-7. The chapter does impress you with new talents, upgrades and spells. Remember to gather items and money!

Listen to us! The main object of Sentry Knight 2 is to withstand the violent attacks as long as you can.

How to play

The left mouse: Aim and shoot.
The 1-7 keys: Cast spells.


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