Serious Dave

Serious Dave

In Serious Dave, it’s your duty to help a buddy get through a dark & scary land. A number of obstacles are also available along the way, but they can’t stop your movement. Play now!

Becoming the bearded character as well as assisting him in performing all the in-game stages are the 2 main targets. Try best to rescue his friends as soon as possible. To win a noble victory, you must keep walking, jumping over, and dodging anything, which prevents your thrilling expedition. Ah, to earn money for advanced weapons, don’t forget to collect the coins while slaughtering all of the horrifying monsters on the way.

We’re expected to hear the good news from you after playing Serious Dave! Have a nice time!

How to play

Navigate menus by the mouse.
Jump up/down platforms by the Up/Down arrows (or W/S) keys.
Shoot by the Z or Spacebar key.
Ultimately shoot by the X key.
Change weapon by the C/V key.


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