Shark Lifting 2

Shark Lifting 2

As the new update of Shark Lifting, Shark Lifting 2 is trusted to bring you fun time with innovations. Feel curious about its content? That’s why you should follow us now!

Here is Masivv Von Sowledre. He is best known for an excellent wrestler! But, he is now pondering over making a change in his career. Beach-life lifting is his most interesting hobby at that time. So, what does the job of beach-life lifting mean? It is related to a small arena at the beach where many wrestlers have to lift a big shark to become a winner. But, this task is not easy at all! Do you think that Sowledre can gain a victory in win this competition? To secure the answer, help him, please! Simply make constant hits to have the nice result.

Get ready? Don’t make Sowledre disappointed! Hope that you are happy with the fun interface of Shark Lifting 2. Let’s go!

How to play

Only the left mouse is hit to play Shark Lifting 2.


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