Shop Empire 3

Shop Empire 3

Come here, dear all players! Shop Empire 3 is now open to satisfy your vision and desire with its cool innovations. Don’t be hesitant anymore! Hit the Ready button to get the game started right now!

As a business game, its content is stunning and exciting enough to blow your socks off. The main task revolves around building and developing a kingdom so that it can be richer and more prosperous day by day. Simply, gamers need to earn much money by taking control of different stores and booths in the kingdom. The best way to make the dream come true is to spend money hiring staffs and buying equipment and necessary items for each store. When the income increases, it’s time to opening more shops and expanding your business.

Let us see your business skill through the main interface of Shop Empire 3! Do you think so? Good luck!

How to play

The left mouse: Play Shop Empire 3.


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