Siege Hero Pirate Pillage

Siege Hero Pirate Pillage

Siege Hero Pirate Pillage brings players a chance to hone their shooting ability and sharp eyes since it is a mix of the shooting and skill genres. Get ready to face many challenging stages here? There is nothing greater than becoming the game’s explorer right now!

The in-game stages have both the easy levels to difficult levels. But, what you need to do is to use a limited number of weapons to shoot at all ugly pirates on the ship. Though the task sounds simple, conquering it requires players’ cleverness and skillfulness. It is essential to accurately aim at the enemies before releasing each of the weapons. Do not forget to take advantage of other power-ups (i.e. explosives, mega-bombs, and so on) on the ship since they may help to maximize the power of weapons.

Hey, let us know your true potential through playing Siege Hero Pirate Pillage! Good luck!

How to play

The shooting game is controlled by using the left mouse.


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