Simioscraft Defense

Simioscraft Defense

Today, we’re pleased to present you an incredible Minecraft strategy action game; that’s, Simioscraft Defense. Have you tried it yet? Come here now to uncover the hidden things!

Look! Once setting foot on the playing field, the players are asked to assist Simon – a little boy in Minecraft land – in defeating a bunch of deadly zombies as well as protecting his shelter. Be cautious, the creepers will show up from the right side. Focus on their movements, and then, tap on them continuously by using the mouse to knock them out one by one. Sound easy to deal with, right? If you want to achieve a victory, it’s a must to destruct the opponents’ territory. Don’t let Simon hit the zombies, or his health will decrease quickly. Still other fun challenges are waiting for you, i.e. chasing a duck and battling against the skeletons.

Can you conquer all the tough tasks in Simioscraft Defense? Please show off your true capacity!

How to play

Interact with this game by utilizing your mouse.


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