SkincraftIt’s a great time to change your beloved Minecraft character appearance, all game addicts. Please land on Skincraft – a very special Minecraft game and relish awesome things now! The huge advantage is that players are free to design another look for their own character. Look at 6 free skins, consisting of Blank, Skin 1, 2, 3, Minecraft Guy, and Robot! Choose one, hit on NEW LAYER, and select Pre-made/Custom to alter a new skin for the chosen character. The Pre-made offers a large collection of pre-made pieces and parts as Head, Bottom, Accessories, etc. Meanwhile, the Custom is an opportunity to design the skin pixel to pixel. Which one do you prefer more, guys? Think carefully and select one in order to create the most wonderful skin. Especially, whenever completing all, don’t forget to submit online for the others to contemplate. Take action and hope you receive more funny time!

How to play

To play Skincraft, use the mouse.

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