Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2Have free times, guys? Let’s make a new journey with Bob in Snail Bob 2 – the 2nd installment of the Snail Bob series! We bet you will be attracted to its incredible features as well as its beautiful landscapes. Take a look now!

In this season, Bob will visit his grandpa who’s sick more than a week. However, the way lead to his grandpa’s place is very far and dangerous. The players must become Bob’s companion and help him to overcome a large forest in which there are tons of obstacles and creatures. Don’t make any mistake, or our snail will die immediately. Look! Those are red buttons, right? Simply tap on each of them to complete each stage successfully. Whenever you go through all the exit doors in the entire levels, you will have an occasion to visit the grandpa’s house. Remember to push x2 button to speed up the snail. While performing the main task, don’t miss finding all the hidden stars to achieve the best score.

Will you bring Bob to his grandpa’s place successfully? Be nimble-footed to enter Snail Bob 2 and challenge yourself instantly! Good luck!

How to play

The mouse is to direct Bob.


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