Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

Hello a new day, dear players! If you’re now at leisure, don’t mind throwing your eyes to another amazing version of the Snail Bob series, namely Snail Bob 6: Winter Story, as the game is trusted to bring you the most enjoyable moments. Become his companion right now!

Here is Snail Bob, and he’s on a cliffhanging adventure to rescue his grandpa from the Mr. Green’s siege. It’s clear that he cannot finish the mission ideally without your help! That’s why you are summoned here today! All the in-game levels are designed to challenge your brain. To overcome one by one, it is essential to guide him to the exit after all the suggested puzzles are nicely solved. They include pushing planks, breaking icy blocks, moving pet, pressing buttons, killing monsters, and using possible tools to free the way for him. At the same time, consider picking up all the hidden stars scattered on the ground.

Wish you luck during the journey in Snail Bob 6: Winter Story!

How to play

The mouse is applied to keep the game under control.


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