Sonic Extreme Run

Sonic Extreme RunLet’s run with Sonic – a cool character in Sonic Extreme Run! Be known as a quick runner, would you like to control him and carry out a vital mission at this time? Don’t move anywhere! Enter the main screen and relish nice moments! In this game, players need to assist Sonic to do 2 important tasks. One is to run towards as quickly as possible to get a high point. The other is to avoid or defeat creatures and collect as many rings to receive a high bonus. Got it? Then tap prescribed buttons to guide Sonic now. Bear in mind that whenever controlling him with a rapid speed, the players should be extremely careful. Otherwise, they might make him collide with the creatures or fall into deep gaps or tumble down horrible troubles. Accordingly, please focus on the screen cautiously to support Sonic to come to finishing point soon and safely. Wish you do well and good luck!

How to play

Run: left and right arrow keys.
Jump: spacebar.

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