SteveRunDo you think that you run fast? Have you ever joined in any running game and gained a victory? Why don’t you try to do something unusual in SteveRun – a new Minecraft running game? The truth is that Steve is chased by a big monster when getting through a strange forest. That’s why he needs to run as quickly as possible in order to protect his life. He’s moving forwards at a rapid speed, and players’ chief task is to guide him to jump over obstacles on the road such as blocks, stones, trees, and so on. Remember to be extremely careful to avoid touching them; otherwise, the game will be over instantly and Steve will caught. Accordingly, the players need to concentrate on the screen to assist Steve effectively. Time to show your superior skillfulness and observation to complete this game with the best result! Good luck to you!

How to play

The main key to guide Steve is the up arrow key.


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