Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force HeroesYou’re working on a factory in a secret island as a scientist. However, some dangerous soldiers came and killed all of the scientists, except you. So, try to escape from their chase to turn back to the mainland safely. Reckon that you can cover all well? Land on Strike Force Heroes and start performing now! In order to complete the main task, players should follow available instructions carefully. Move forwards, avoid the soldiers’ appearance before taking weapons, and do other actions. Remember that whenever taking enough weapons, the soldier will appear and attack. Therefore, be quick to aim and shoot them down to preserve the life. In addition, don’t miss gathering some ammo boxes or health boxes to supplement the scientist at the best level. Additionally, try to obtain more valuable medals and earn more XP points to prove your true faculty in this cool game. No time to wait! There we come!

How to play

Move around: WASD/arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.
Alter the weapons: Q/Shift.
Turn on Killstreak: E/Ctrl.


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