Sugar sugar 3

Sugar, sugar 3

Sugar Sugar 3 will leave you enthralled by its simple theme and addicting content. But, playing and conquering the game is not an easy task. Spend time in enjoying the first challenge of this new update now!

The game comes with 30 levels to start. After all, the main objective is to draw the lines so that the sugar dropping from the sky will led to the suggested cups. Of course, your current level is only completed right after all of the cups are now filled with the sugar. Be careful of objects and items along the way of the sugar! The higher level you play, the more difficulties you encounter. Try best to think of smart ways to evade any obstacle while filling the cups.

Hope that you will get a lot of fun while overcoming challenges in Sugar Sugar 3. How many levels can you win? Check this!

How to play

Only the mouse is held to enjoy the game.


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