Swords And Sandals – Gladiator

Swords And Sandals - Gladiator

In the ancient time, gladiators were often strong and courageous enough to defeat many weighty opponents on the life-and-death arenas. Today, travel with us to the playfield of Swords And Sandals – Gladiator, an action game simulating one of these arenas. Wonderfully, you also have permission to maneuver one of the best gladiators as well as demonstrate your brilliant strategies on the arena. Sounds very exciting, right? Let’s go!

First, please steer your chosen gladiator to a few shops so that he is well equipped with the most superb shield, weapon, costume, and armor. Then, nimbly engage in the arena and start the life-and-death competition. Try best to help the protagonist move and launch the most impressive attacks on the rivals through using the in-game commands.

Whether he can gain a noble victory or not, it just depends on your leadership and smartness. Enjoy Swords And Sandals – Gladiator here!


How to play

The game is mainly managed by the left mouse.


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