Tequila Zombie

Tequila Zombie

If you’re at leisure, take a quick peek at Tequila Zombie right away. Be curious about how to play it? Get something started here!

While being brought into a desolate town where a lot of terrible zombies are living, you’ll role-play John – a brave man, and then guide him to killing them all. At the beginning, please roam around the place to identify the foes’ direction. Whenever detecting them, players should instruct John how to use a machete to attack the undead one by one. Never stand too close to them; otherwise, they shall counter-attack you non-stop. While doing the mission, don’t forget to grasp all of the falling boxes to get huge supports, like tequila, weapons, medicine, money, etc.

OK, it’s enough for explaining! Remember to support the main character immediately to win a glorious victory in Tequila Zombie. Have a great time!

How to play

Guide John: AD keys or left/right arrow keys.
Assault: Spacebar key or up arrow key.


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