That red button

That red button

Welcome you all to That red button – a retro puzzle platformer game telling about a little robot! Dare to accomplish all the 43 levels given by the game? Show us your great confidence!

A lot of hard-to-play tasks are just waiting for your wise solutions! At present, each of the players must copy things, a little robot, a momb bot, and a mysterious mission. Plus, it is advisable to have yourself ready for some other digital adventures with your chosen robots and everything you take possession of. To win the game’s content, nothing is greater than following all of the in-game tutorials!

That red button is truly an ideal zone to let your brain actually work! What’re you waiting for? No time to hesitate anymore!

How to play

Walk around by the WASD keys.
Copy behaviors by the mouse.
Run fast forward by the S/Up key.


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