The King’s League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey

If you have ever played King’s League before, it seems a pity to ignore its second version, called The King’s League: Odyssey! Engage in the game and find out what to expect right now!

Today, you will honorably become a leader of many warriors in the Royal League. What you must do is to lead your team to glorious victory. How? First of all, guide the recruited team to the Training Course where they’re thoroughly trained to launch many basic fighting skills, from kicking, to dashing and punching. Second, try best to achieve more bonuses to get great support! Once your team is ready, instantly send them to the battleground! Cleverly control their movement and actions to win the opposite troops. Try best!

It is easy to realize that The King’s League: Odyssey is quite similar to other fighting games, right? So, get it started here!

How to play

Only the mouse is applied to activate the game.


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