The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai

Are you the final samurai who is capable of battling against all the red pixel enemies? Then, don’t mind playing through The Last Samurai – an awesome 8-bit style ninja action game – as well as retrieving the stolen scrolls. Much fun!

There is no doubt that becoming a Samurai is a very intimidating task. You have just a code to live by. As The Last Samurai, please try best to slaughter other evil samurais by using the powder bombs and shurikens, protect yourself from a swarm of angry red ninjas, figure out all the secret scrolls on each level, and gather fancy things on the way before you reach the portal. Good luck to you, dear brave samurai!

We’re waiting for your final resounding consequence during The Last Samurai, remember!

How to play

The WASD or Arrow keys: Move.
The K, Spacebar, or Left mouse: Fire.
The L, X, or Right mouse: Set bombs.


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