The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster’s Castle

The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster's Castle

Have ever heard about The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster’s Castle before? The game is trusted to get you dazzled right after you enter. The game welcomes you with a lot of prominent traits! Come on!

It is about a challenging journey of a poor vampire. Don’t worry! He is kind and friendly without causing injuries to anyone. He is now on the path to explore a scary dark dungeon so as to figure out the reason why he is a vampire. In fact, he has a strong wish to become a human. How to assist him? The dungeon consists of many branches. In each branch, you are required to guide him everywhere, gather gold coins, catch gold keys, open the exit gate, and get through. Beware of traps and pits since they are scattered everywhere to prevent his steps. Here is a hint: Transform him into bats once you are getting stuck.

Hey, it is hard to say no to The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster’s Castle, right? Do you think so? Come on!

How to play

Arrow keys: Step around.
The spacebar key: Turn the vampire into bats.


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