TombikBe inspired by Angry Gran game, Tombik will satisfy all the gamers with its awesome and cool images under 3D format. This game tells about a little boy named Tombik. He had to run away from an old man because he stole fruits from a garden. Right now, players’ main task is to guide Tombik to run as quickly as possible. Tap arrow keys on the keyboard in order to direct him to move left/right, jump or slide over barriers. Keep in mind not to collide with anything; otherwise, the game will come to an end instantly. Besides, whenever running, try to collect some coins to purchase necessary items for the next rounds. Ah, please accomplish all of the requests in each stage to rank at the best position in Top part. How’s your feeling? Could you finish all well? Hit Play button, start running, and show your best result now!

How to play

The arrow keys are to play this game.


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