Tronic Worlds

Tronic Worlds

Let take a look at Tronic Worlds! This 3D creative Minecraft game will offer players a nice place to show off their designing and building skills. Go with us to get a chance creating your own Minecraft world!

Entering the main screen, players take two vital tools – spatula and axe. Use one to break several blocks to gain a large number of raw materials, such as stone, gold, diamond, rock, wood, etc. Alright, it’s time to draw a logical and strategic plan. Hurry to find an ideal location to start off the constructing process for your structures. Visit the Inventory to bring out some accumulated items. Express your creative ability to set up various buildings like a pretty house, a nice farm, and a beautiful garden. Add more items to decorate your land and make it marvelous.

Remember to switch suitable tool for each task before starting working, ok? Now, let’s participate in Tronic Worlds!

How to play

Move: WASD/arrow keys.
Jump: Spacebar.
Change tools: R key.
Mine and construct: the mouse.


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